Using Past Papers for GCSE Maths Revision: Download Edexcel & AQA Past Papers for Free

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Is using Past Papers for GCSE Maths Revision Effective?

One secret to succeeding in GCSE Maths is using past papers to practice and identify knowledge gaps. Not only does will this improve confidence in students, but it also acts as excellent preparation, closely mirroring the actual exam content & conditions.

How do I Know Which Past Papers to Use?

There are a lot of past GCSE Maths papers available online. It can be difficult to know which ones to use. Before downloading or reviewing past papers, make sure that you know:

  1. Which exam board you are studying (e.g. AQA, Edexcel etc) are using the correct exam board
  2. Which tier you are studying (Foundation or Higher)

Once you know which exam board and tier you are studying, you can download the relevant GCSE Maths past papers.

Looking at past papers from other exam boards, and other levels will confuse you.

Where can I find GCSE Maths Past Papers?

Can I download past papers for free?

Yes, you can download past GCSE Maths papers for free from the website. We have past papers for both the Foundation and Higher level GCSE Maths exams:

Edexcel GCSE Maths Past Papers

AQA GCSE Maths Past Papers

What are the benefits of using Past Papers for GCSE Maths Revision?

Can past papers help me improve my GCSE Maths grade?

Past papers are more than just another stack of old exams; they are a vital tool for GCSE maths revision. Relying on textbooks alone isn’t enough to help you improve. Past papers offer multiple benefits, some of which include:

  1. Familiarity with exam format and language
  2. An opportunity to experience the actual pace of the exam
  3. Assessment of your understanding and application of the maths concepts in a timed setting
  4. Identification of gaps and areas for improvement

How to use Past Papers for GCSE Maths Revision?

Here are some tips to help maximise using past GCSE maths papers for revision:

Take it Seriously: Sit down in a quiet place, set a timer and pretend you’re in the exam room. This helps train your brain to focus and work efficiently under pressure. Turn your phone off and avoid distractions.

Mark and Review: After completing a paper, mark it meticulously. It’s important to understand your errors and seek solutions for them. This acts as a catalyst for improvement.

Notice Patterns: Over time, past papers can show patterns in the style of questions and topics frequently asked. Forecasting these patterns can help you focus your revision effectively.

Revisit Mistakes: Don’t forget to revise and revisit the questions you got wrong. This will help you plug those learning gaps, improve your confidence, and improve your overall grade.

At, we provide flashcards for GCSE Maths revision geared towards making learning easier and more engaging. In this blog post, let’s delve deeper into why past exams papers are essential to your revision strategy.

Combining Past Papers with Formula Flash Cards

Using flash cards from Study23 alongside past papers can help reenforce your learning and improve your memory retention. With flash cards focused on formulas you need to memeorise. Incorporating past papers into your revision routine will significantly improve your readiness and confidence when facing the actual GCSE maths exam.

Study23 GCSE Maths Formula Flash Cards

There are lots of GCSE Maths formulae to learn. The Study23 GCSE Maths Formula Flash Cards can help with memorising the formulas and improving your confidence, in preparation for your GCSE Maths exams.

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