Bridging the Gap Between Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages

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Continuing our exploration into the world of fractions in GCSE Maths, we venture into the seamless interplay between decimals, fractions, and percentages. This bridge between numerical representations adds another layer of versatility to your mathematical toolkit.

Decimal to Fraction

Converting decimals to fractions involves expressing the decimal as a fractions with a power of 10 in the denominator. For instance, \(0.75\) becomes \(\frac{75}{100}\), which can be further simplified to \(\frac{3}{4}\).

Decimal to Percentage

Transforming decimals into percentages is a matter of multiplying the decimal by 100 and appending the percentage symbol. For example, \(0.6\) as a percentage is \(60%\).

Fraction to Decimal

To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator. For example, \( \frac{4}{5} \) as a decimal is \(0.8\).

Fraction to Percentage

To express a fractions as a percentage, first convert it to a decimal and then multiply by 100. For instance, \( \frac{3}{8} \) becomes \(0.375\), which is \(37.5%\).

Percentage to Decimal

Converting percentages to decimals involves dividing the percentage by 100. For example, \(25%\) as a decimal is \(0.25\).

Percentage to Fraction

To convert a percentage to a fraction, express it as a decimal and then simplify the fraction. For instance, \(60%\) becomes \( \frac{3}{5} \) after converting to \(0.6\) and simplifying.

Conclusion: Navigating Numerical Transformations

As we expand our understanding of fractions in GCSE Maths, the ability to seamlessly transition between decimals, fractions, and percentages emerges as a valuable skill. Whether you’re dealing with percentages in real-world scenarios, transforming fractions into decimals for precise calculations, or expressing decimals as fractions for conceptual clarity, this interconnectedness enhances your mathematical versatility. Embrace the numerical transformations, and let the fluidity between representations empower your mathematical journey. Happy studying!

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