Active Recall

Definition of "Active Recall": Active recall is a principle of efficient learning, which claims the need to actively stimulate memory during the learning process

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GCSE: Maths Formula Sheet vs Maths Formula Flashcards

Let’s say you’re preparing for your GCSE Maths exams and you’re faced with a significant decision – to solely rely on a maths formula sheet or to adopt the more dynamic approach of maths formulas flash cards.

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Spotting and Overcoming Common Mistakes In GCSE Mathematics

The pursuit of success in GCSE mathematics can often be a tricky expedition. Yet amid these challenges, one potential ally in this quest is understanding common mistakes made by students during their revision and exams.

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Break Free from Math Anxiety - A Holistic Approach During Your GCSEs Revision Journey

A racing heart, sweaty palms, and a sense of impending doom… If it sounds all too familiar, you might be experiencing “maths anxiety”; a psychological condition associated with severe nervousness when studying or taking exams in mathematics.

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